Inertia was formed in 1992 by Reza Udhin. After several name changes and line up changes, the project was stabalized as Inertia in 1994. Reza decided to concentrate on a project which brought together elements of Industrial and Techno to form something quite different to anything in the scene at that time.

1994, Eddie Tempest (Synth) and Mark Barrett (Guitars) join the band.

INERTIA were immediately signed to Germany's Celtic Circle Productions within a few weeks of producing their first demo tape, and released their debut MCD INFILTRATOR, in June 1995. This CD was a re-recording of the band's first demo tape.

INFILTRATOR was an immediate success, achieving excellent reviews across Europe, UK and USA. The CD was played at several clubs where it became an instant club hit.

INERTIA marked their first European live performance in September 1995, when they played Celtic Circle's NIGHT OF DARKNESS festival at the Kulturfabrik in Krefeld, Germany. The audience were amazed by the sheer power, aggression and energy of INERTIA's live performance, that INERTIA returned again to play Europe in December 1995, playing to audiences in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, achieving great success and attracting a huge following. When speaking about that period, most of the golden age lovers would definitely remember the years when the arcade video games were popular. However, now they are also available at every online casino site. If you are looking for the best site where you can play arcades online, go on proarcadez.com and find everything you need to know, like reviews, details, or free bonus deals available that you may receive.

They returned in April 1996, to play at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany, which again proved to be positive. They became so popular in Europe that even the French gambling site couldn't resist their sound. Claim the welcome bonus package of 90€ free cash, and dive into the most exciting games while listening to their most popular tracks.

INERTIA returned to the studio in February 1996 to start work on the long awaited new releases. The result, PROGRAMMED TO RESPOND CD album and MIND-ENERGY MCD. These recordings were done in Germany and a variety of studios in London, including Raymond "Pig" Watts' studio Ranch Apocalypse.

1996 Alexys B joins Inertia on Electronic Drums.

MIND-ENERGY was released in December 1996 and PTR released in February 1997. These CD's achieved a high amount of success in Europe and USA. So much that INERTIA did a mini US tour in January 1997, and then returned to the States to do a full-blown US tour in May 1997, together with the German band DAS ICH. This tour was overwhelmingly successful and created a huge audience for INERTIA in the USA.

1997 Mark Barrett leaves Inertia., Ed Luxmoore joins Inertia on Synths.

February 1999, INERTIA release a remix album entitled DEMAGNETIZED/REMAGNETIZED, which featured remixes by artists such as, Das Ich, Spahn Ranch, Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb).

A UK tour was completed in September 1998, a Fall 1999 Scandinavian tour was impressively successful which saw the band play to audiences in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and an ecstatic audience reaction was received when the band returned to Leipzig, Germany for the Wave Gotik Treffen 1999.

A brand new album, NEGATIVE PRIME, was released in May 1999 on NIGHTBREED RECORDINGS, which pushed the sound of INERTIA to further heights. 1999 also saw the band complete a UK tour with the US band SPAHN RANCH.

A remix CD Positive Angel was released on Inertia's own label CRYONICA MUSIC. And Inertia's 2nd USA Tour took place in Summer 2000, which saw Inertia headline their own tour.

The band then returned to the USA again in 2001, and took Sweden's Project-X with them as support for a mega 7 week tour!!!!

November 2001, the new single No Defect is released, while the band complete their a new album Advanced Revelation which is released in February 2002.

2002 Eddie Tempest and Ed Luxmoore leave Inertia, and Andrew Trail joins Inertia on synth.

In 2002 Inertia take on a month long East Coast US Tour with New York Industrialists Terrorfakt, as support. The band start to write a new album, while continuing to tour heavily.

2004, Inertia release "Black Ice Impact" a new studio album, they undertake a West Coast USA Tour with label mates, Swarf as support.

2005, the best of double CD "Decade of Machines - 1994-2004" is released by Cryonica Music in Europe and Cleopatra Records in the USA. Reza also joins legendary Alternative Industrial band, Killing Joke, as their keyboard player.

May 2007, Inertia release their critically acclaimed new album, self titled as "Inertia". The album features Inertia and also some guest musicians, including Kneill Brown (Killing Joke), Client E / Emily Strange (Client) and Phill Good (Libitina/Pinion). Inertia also recruit a new member, Bob Malkowski as Guitarist.

Spring/Summer 2007, Inertia complete a 5 week Full US tour together with the legendary German EBM band, Armageddon Dildos.

2010, Inertia emerge with a new line up with Kneill X on Guitar (ex Killing Joke, Killer B Movie) and Andrew Lowlife on Synths (Swarf). In early 2010, they release a "covers" album Kloned, where the band covers a variety of bands from The Beatles to Falco to Sparks to Elvis!! In the Autumn they release the single Repeat & Follow, which becomes a popular dancefloor spinner! November, the new album Deworlded is released to great aclaim.. reviews are spectacular Worldwide. At at the end of the year they collaboratye with UK band Mechanical Cabaret to release a cover version of the classic John Leyton/Joe Meek track Johnny, Remember Me.

in 2011 Inertia toured extensively, including an East Coast USA Tour with the band Bella Morte.

2012 Inertia signs with US giants, Metropolis Records. A new single "Alive" was released in October, followed by a brand new album "Universal Blood", which was released in November 2012.

"Inertia are the best and most aggressive band in London" .. Gary Numan

INERTIA are: Reza Udhin, Alexys B, Kneill X and Andrew Lowlife.

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